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CRC CRC Online
Image Gallery

The following images were taken from a videotape originally filmed by JLK, using a VHS camcorder. The reason that the images are so blurry are (1) the primitive video equipment being used (as opposed to today's slick digital cameras), and (2) by the time they got around to the third song, it was pitch dark and there was no external lighting whatsoever. All images are copyright © 2002 JLK Productions.

CRC Day 1 Shay (left) and Kurt (right) preparing for the performance.
CRC Day 2 The beginning of "We are CRC," the opening number, featuring a long drum intro by Chris Staples.
CRC Day 3 "We are CRC"
CRC Day 4 "We are CRC," continued.
CRC Day 5 "Tainted Love." Note the growing darkness.
CRC Day 6 Pretty much the last clear shot. This is the intro to "Holy Moley." You can barely make out Jeff Holland on electric guitar standing just to Shay's left.

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