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Cut to the staircase leading from Shay's room. Down the stairs and to the front door, where we see Shay and Kurt standing on the front walk, tuning the radio.

In order to really understand this video, you must realize that the whole thing was shot and edited on the spot. If there was a mistake or a flub, the tape was stopped, rewound, and shot again over the bad footage. For the next sequence, the actual music video portion, a small tape recorder was connected to the microphone jack of the video camera, feeding the audio of the song directly into the camera. In other words, the audio was not going to be dubbed in at a later time, it was being dubbed at the same time that the video was being filmed. From this point on, until the end of the video, it is one complete shot.

Since the audio is coming from the tape recorder at this point, for the 15 seconds or so it takes to move from Shay's room to the front door to the front walk, there is complete silence.
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All photos taken by JLK and are copyright © 2002 JLK Productions

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