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CRC CRC Online

Here are some links for additional information about Central Rock Company, its members, and people associated with the band.
If you would like to suggest or update a link, please feel free to email us.

Shay Quillen

Shay Quillen's Webpage at
Shay Quillen's old personal website from the University of Missouri. Features an autobiography as well as other bits of info. Since he has graduated and departed from the institution, who knows how long they'll keep this up?

San Jose Mercury News
Mr. Quillen's current place of employment. If you poke around it, most likely in the Arts & Entertainment section, you'll find an article or two by him.

Kurt Adams

University of Kentucky
Would you believe that this the only website (other than ours) where you can find a reference to the mysterious Kurt Adams? This is where we believe Kurt is spending his days and nights. If anyone knows of any other websites featuring Mr. Adams, please let us know!


House of Pusm
THE source for information on the World of Pusm Music and the homepage for the e-zine Pusm Online.

The Jeffrey Scott Holland Information Clearinghouse
All the links you need to immerse yourself in the world of Jeffrey Scott Holland, Central Rock Company Dismember and lead guitarist.

JLK Records
The official homepage for JLK Records, one of the three labels that has released CRC albums in the past. Hasn't been updated for a couple of years, but we hear rumors that it will be back again, soon.

Richmond, Kentucky
Where it all began.

Model Laboratory School
Educational unit where most of the boys of CRC filled their minds with knowledge.

The Model Lab School Fight Song
Central Rock Company borrowed the melody of this song for "We are CRC" ... place the songs side by side and compare and contrast.

Technical Services Department, Indiana University Libraries
This is where we found Dawn Quillen Walters, older sister of CRC founder Shay Quillen.

Mr. Allan Stephens
Model School student webpage for Mr. Stephens, Band Director at Model Lab School back when CRC were running the halls, and proprietor of The Band Room, where CRC destroyed many a percussion instrument in their day.

The Cort Guitar
Official home page for the Cort guitar, the brand of choice for Central Rock Company (at least, in the song "Stephanie").

Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infection
Well, they hyped our website and put a link on their page to us, so we are returning the favor. This is the homepage for the duo known affectionately as RV and OI, two music performers from the Central Kentucky area. The rest of their site should explain the rest.

Any links for the following people, places and things would be appreciated!
Michael Adams, Charlie Lear, Randy Norton, Michael Swanagin, Chris Staples, Stateland, and any of names mentioned on this website.

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